[CnD] kraut and sausage in a crock pot?

Charles Rivard wee1sman at fidnet.com
Sat Feb 18 02:11:38 GMT 2012

The subject line is what I'm thinking about doing tomorrow or the next day.  I'm looking for recipes or advice.  All I want as a meal is a whole bunch of sour kraut with chunks of sausage.  If I use the crock pot, I do not want a lot of liquid.  Can I just cut the sausage, mix it with the kraut in a crock pot and cook it on low for, well, about how long?  I've got a 2-pound jar of kraut and about the same amount of Bratworsts.  Not wanting much liquid, should I drain the kraut?, or should I use it as something to retain the flavor.  Thanks in advance.  Note:  I do not want to use the stove top.  I'm thinking that the crock pot will produce better flavor.

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