[CnD] Softening butter

Allison Fallin afallin at cox.net
Sun Feb 19 19:35:29 GMT 2012

I'd like suggestions about softening butter.  I use soft 
margarine, but my husband likes butter.  Usually I use the Land O 
Lakes butter that is spreadable right from the fridge, but we 
were given some regular butter by friends who got it free and 
don't use butter.  I know it can't be left out or it will get 
rancid, but it's way too hard to spread right out of the fridge.  
I nuked it for 20 seconds, and it softened, but some of it 
melted, which wasn't what I had in mind.  Other than doing it for 
slightly less time, does anyone have any suggestions?
   Allison Fallin

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