[CnD] no subject?

Charles Rivard wee1sman at fidnet.com
Mon Feb 20 15:18:05 GMT 2012

I don't know what was in the post with no subject line, and I don't see the 
logic of sending one with out letting people know what it's about.  If 
people want their posts to the list to even be looked at, include a subject 
line, please.  Otherwise, a lot of people will delete it without even 
opening it for fear that it could cause harm to their computers.  I did so 
for that reason.  If you will repost what you wanted to send to the list 
with an appropriate subject line, we won't miss out on what you felt 
important enough to send.  Thanks.

Shepherds are the best beasts, but Labs are a close second. 

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