[CnD] evolve 6 plate grill

May McDonald mcdonald.may at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 23:36:02 GMT 2012

Ok, good thing I have a mum that has the same grill since I totally would have done things backwards, hehehe.

This grill is definitely usable. I had my mum plug hers in to make sure that it actually did what the manual said it was suppose to. When you plug it in lights will start blinking, not really important where we're concerned. You'll then press the power button which is located in the middle. It's a nice big button. Once that is pressed the timer and temperature will show. The timer will show 5 minutes and the temp 300. 

Now here's where I would have had it backwards. The button to the far left takes the time up 1 minute at a time and the one closest to the power button takes it down a minute at a time. On the other side of the power button is the temp and it goes up and down by 25. The one closest to the power takes it up. Each time you press the buttons they will beep. Also, the 5 minutes that show up when you first plug it in is the recommended preheat time and once the 5 minutes are up it will beep again to say it's done preheating.

Let me know if you'd like anymore details.

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