[CnD] cooking egg plant

gail johnson mama-gail at samobile.net
Wed Feb 22 03:49:57 GMT 2012

Hi Bill,

I don't mind the slightly bitter taste of the skin so I don't peel mine.
I think that the long skinnier oriental variety of eggplant taste the 
best. This is of course my personal opinion.
If you choose to peel the skin it can be done with a vegetable peeler.  
Just do it the same as carrots and potatoes.
I tend to slice my eggplant in thin slices. I put some olive oil in a 
pan season the eggplant with salt, pepper  , and garlic powder and fry 
until it is nice and soft.
I'll send in a few recipes because this will help with timing.
I like my eggplant so the finish product is so soft it barely stays on 
a fork. This insures that if skin is left on it is soft but on the 
slightly firmer side.

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