[CnD] cooking egg plant

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Hi Bill,

your question is not stupid at all. I'm not sure about how to cook leak and 
squash. Anyway, it's not necesary to peal eggplants before cooking. You wash 
them up, cut off the stems, chop them to big bite size cubes because they 
shrink somewhat while they cook so don't cut them too small. It is 
recommended but only optional to sprincle salt over the eggplant in a bowl 
and leave them for about 20-30 minutes. Then you wash and dry them with a 
papertowel. This is done to get rid of the little seads and some bitter 
taste. Again that's optional. I do it sometimes, not always.

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>I am interested in cooking eggplant to put in dishes like  vegetarian 
>lasagna.  I have never cooked egg plant before but it is one of those 
>things I decided to try after deciding to become vegetarian.  Do you peal 
>it before cooking. Or what do you do to prepare it before cooking?  I know 
>these questions sound stupid but I wasn't sure.
> Thank you in advance.
> Bill Deatherage
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