[CnD] Gadgets from Amazon

Becky rebeca721 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 04:44:09 GMT 2012

Hey there, happy belated birthday and I hope you enjoy the gift card that 
you received.
I don't know about purchasing kitchen gadgets. I haven't bought too many of 
them lately, but I did buy some pretty nice cilicone bake ware from amazon 
last year.
I also bought some pie pans and some cookie cutters from them and they were 
pretty nice and inexpensive as well.

Hope you find some stuff that you like.

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> Hello,
> I got a $20 gift card from Amazon for my birthday. I'm excited about 
> shopping.  Do you have ideas about cooking gadgets that I might be able to 
> get there and not other places?
> Thanks,
> Mary Ann Robinson
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