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I recently became acquainted with black kale through my Farmer's 
Market.  It is a leaf form and I cooked it as I would spinach.  I 
was very pleased with the result.  I served it with a can of 
Busch's blackeyed peas with bacon.  For  some reason that 
combination really appeals to me.  Jill

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Hi listers,
     Thank you all for the Kale suggestions.  Here are some of 
the things I have done with it thus far.  I love the mild flavor 
of it.

Chicken and Vegies
I cut 3 chicken breasts into bite sized pieces and combined them 
with 1/3 cup of peanut oil and 1/2 cup of Chinese hoisan sauce.
I added 1/2 pound of asparagus in bite sized pieces with a few 
sliced mushrooms and about 2 cups of broken up Kale both leaves 
and crunchy parts.
I put a cover over the suacepan and cooked it on medium heat 
until the chicken was cooked through about 15 minutes.  
Delicious! and so Easy.

Kale Salad
I combined kale, walnuts, green pepper and a clementine, added 
some dill sprigs and had a delicious salad.

I am a firm believer of using what I have on hand.
Tomorrow I will be making my version of vegetarian chili by 
combining a large can of navy beans with a large can of stewed 
tomatoes, a chopped green pepper and the rest of the kale, about 
3 cups.  I will freeze most of it in smaller portions.

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