[CnD] marshmellow recipe wanted Marshmallow Dreams

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Do you measure a cup of liquid cream and whip it or is it already whipped 
and you measure one cup?
Maybe thawed cool whip could be substituted?
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Marshmallow Dreams
1/2 lb. graham wafers rolled fine (I think this is the same as graham
 1 lb. dates cut fine
 1 or 1-1.2  lb. mini marshmallows cut fine
 1 cup whipped cream
 1 cup nut meats cut fine
 1 cup candied cherries
 Pinch salt
 1 teaspoon vanilla
 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
Put in bowl and mix with hands.
fold in whipped cream.
 Make into small balls.
roll in coconut or chocolate mini chips.
You can also roll them in sprinkles.

Put in refrigerator.
No cooking required.

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