[CnD] Tater tots and meatballs

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Well, in that situation I'd do one of the two following ideas.
1. Mix tater tots and meatballs, frozen, in a dish or crock pot with some
sautéed onion and maybe a can of mushroom pieces and stems. Pour a can of
cream of mushroom soup over it and sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top.
Then bake  (you'll need to decide how long to bake) or cook in the crock
pot, covered, until the tater tots are done and the cheese is melted.
(You'll need to test it and decide on how fast you want it to cook to
determine what temperature you use on the crock pot)
Or you could replace the soup with spaghetti sauce and the cheddar with
parmesan. In this case I'd definitely opt for the onion and mushrooms,
possibly even fresh sliced, and consider black olive slices and diced bell
pepper too.
You'll need to figure out the temperature particulars -- tater tots are
cooked at around 400°f, while that'd be too hot for the meatballs, so you'll
have to play with it a bit.

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> Hi guys, I am wondering if anybody has any recipes where I can use
> tater tots and meatballs? I have a bag of tater tots and a bag of
> meatballs in my freezer and I have somebody coming over on Wednesday
> and I do not have anything prepared so I figured I would use the odds
> and ends I have instead of going to the store. Please send suggestions!
> Mary
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