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I used to have one that Mom had given me vbut lost it when I was moving.  It 
was white and the collendar you could pull out of the pot.
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Maybe you have the skill to not need a pasta pot.  However, it is a personal
choice, and those who feel the necessity for such an item should never be
belittled for their lack of skill or their desire to do the task safely in a
way that they are comfortable doing.  I, for one, am lousy at using a
stovetop, especially if gas is used.  But I can make spaghetti, and find
that it takes 10 minutes to get it cooked.  If I only cooked it for 5
minutes as you suggest, it would be gummy and undercooked.  I do find it
problematic to pour the contents from a hot pan into another container to
drain it, so one of these pasta pots would really be what I need to safely
get it cooked and drained.  But, again, your message seems to belittle those
who aren't as skilled as you, which is totally unnecessary, and may offend
some list members.

Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're finished,
you! really! are! finished!
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Look, guys,

You don't need all this fancy stuff.  You just bring the water to
a boil, drop the broken up spaghetti in the pan, and test it with
a fork.  Now while you're waiting, get out your strainer. When
the spaghetti is the right consistency, put it in your strainer,
How do you know when it's right? You catch a spaghetti with a
fork and taste it, of course.  and go from there.  It shouldn't
take much more than five minutes or so for cooking. Pasta pot?
give me a break.  I haven't waisted my time buying one.
Brenda Mueller

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>Hi, all,

>     My name is Paula. I just joined yesterday, and am looking
>to learning from everyone. I've already gleaned some great tips
>cooking spaghetti from y'all, even though I've been preparing it
for years.

>     I want to mention to Leslie, that if you have difficulty
cutting up
>cooked spaghetti, as I do, you can break up the pasta before you
>it. I get a few spaghetti noodles in my hands, hold them over a
bowl or
>plate, and break them into two or three pieces. You can do this
>your water is heating. It doesn't take long, even if you're
making a lot
>of pasta, because you can break up severl at once.


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>> I was told by the ex-boyfriend of a friend of mine, who was
wrong in just about everything else, that to measure spaghetti in
terms of number of people you grab a bunch of spaghetti  in your
dominant hand, with your thumb and index finger circling the
pasta. If the ring  puts your fingernail at the first joint of
your thumb that's pasta for one, the second joint is pasta for
two, and the end of your thumb is pasta for three. I've found
this works well. Some may say that this varies depending on how
big your hands are, but the assumption is that the smaller the
hands the smaller the appetite, so you may want to vary it a bit,
deciding if you want a loose or tight hold on the pasta.
>> The pasta pot uses less water than you think it does, so trend
your water level down a bit. Don't put oil in the water, as it'll
prevent the sauce from sticking to your pasta, and don't salt the
water until it's boiling or it'll take longer to reach a boil.
>> Sauce is a matter of preference, and it depends on if you want
the spaghetti drenched in sauce or if it's just a flavoring
element, and also on how much other stuff you choose to put in
it, like chopped up vegetables. I find that three or three and a
half minutes in the microwave is often enough to heat sauce, so
unless you're going for presentation you can heat it in the bowls
you're going to serve in.
>> And of course, YMMV, as in all things cooking.

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>>> Hi all.  Today Iâ?Tm going to attempt something Iâ?Tve never
done before,
>>> spaghetti. I know its kind of sad. Iâ?Tm making spaghetti for 2
>>> I have a spaghetti cooker, it has a section with holes inside a
>>> that the spaghetti goes in.  So when I lift the section with the
>>> out of the pot the water will drain from the spaghetti.  My
>>> are:
>>> 1. How long do I cook he noodles?
>>> 2. This one is probably depending on how much we eat. but Iâ?Tm
not sure
>>> how much to make for 2 people.
>>> 3. I have a jar of meat sauce, do I just put it in a pot not he
>>> and simmer, how long do I cook the sauce, and how much sauce for
>>> people.

>>> I know these questions seem basic, but Iâ?Tm new to all this.
And it
>>> might just be a trial and error type thing, but Iâ?Tm kind of
>>> Any help would be really appreciated.

>>> Thanks.
>>> Holly
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