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Hi Nicole,
What beef and rice product did you use? I couldn't figure out if it's 
Chinese or something else.
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> This was an experiment, and it worked just fine.
> 1 package of beef rice and all ingredients to make it
> 1 lb of ground beef or turkey
> 1 12 oz. package of mixed vegetables, frozen (corn, peas, green beans, and
> carrots)
> 1 small can of mushroom stems and pieces
> 1 envelope of brown gravy mix
> 1 cup of water.
> Brown the ground beef or turkey and pour into a strainer, rinsing in hot
> water to wash off any excess grease. Make the rice according to package
> directions. Put the vegetables in a bowl and microwave for four minutes,
> stir, and microwave for another two. Put the gravy mix over the vegetables
> with the water, pour in the mushrooms and ground beef, and microwave for
> another three minutes. When the rice timer goes off mix everything from 
> the
> bowl into the rice and simmer for five minutes, stirring constantly. Makes
> about seven cups, or enough for three and a half two cup servings. Enjoy.
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