[CnD] question about making hamburgers

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I do something similar but I add seasonings and an egg to hold it together,
no fillers. I like strictly meat. I vary the seasonings to make it exciting.

One treat: slice fresh onion (I prefer red) Place one raw patty on the
Foreman style grill, put a slice of onion (fairly thick) and a slice of your
favorite cheese (I leave it out because I am alergic to dairy) and then
place another patty on top. Repeat for each burger. Now grill to desired
doneness. It is scrumptious.

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Now as for me, I like a hamburger to be made of good juicy hamburger.  I
certainly wouldn't put all that stuff in a hamburger.  I'd rather have a
little bit of something good than a lot of whatever.
I usually get a pound of ground meat and get four or five hamburgers out of
it.  I make my hamburger balls, put one on a plate, stack another plate on
top, and press down to get the thickness I want. the patty comes out even
that way. I wrap the patties I'm going to store individually in foil.  I
label a zip-lock large enough to hold the batch, label the bag, put the
patties I want to be stored inside, and freeze them.  Putting one frozzen
patty in the refrigerator the night before will have it thawed in plenty of
time to use it the next day.

Now once I knew a blind couple that owned a farm; they had some cows and
pigs among other things.  One day the lady gave me some steaks and hamburger
from a freshly killed cow.  That meat had never been frozzen.  Those were
the best hamburgers and steaks 
that I ever ate; freshly butchered and cooked right away!    I 
sure like my hamburgers and cheese burgers almost as much as my coffee!

Brenda Mueller

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>I would do Italian bread crumbs or cracker meal instead of

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>Yes it would be fine to freeze it that way

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>> Hi there.
>> Does anyone know if it is safe to make patties and freeze them 
raw with onions egg and oatmeal?
>> Is this safe?
>> thanks.
>> Lovette

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