[CnD] I know nothing about this, so excuse the dumbness

Charles Rivard wee1sman at fidnet.com
Mon Mar 2 13:36:54 EST 2015

As I understand it, you can buy a box of pudding mix that you simply mix 
with milk, whisk or stir, and let firm up in the fridge.  No heating 

Questions:  How much do they make?  How long before they can be eaten?  Are 
they about the same in quality?  If not, what are the best brands?

Now for the last question, and why I'm asking about this:  I apparently got 
ahold of some bad sour kraut, and it returned the favor with a case of food 
poisoning.  I'm on the road to recovery.  Along that road to recovery, I 
decided to get something easily digestible, and pudding works.  Being a real 
chockoholic, of course, I chose chocolate pudding.  Now, after not having 
eaten any in several years, I'm hooked, and got an idea.  If I mix chocolate 
pudding with chocolate milk instead of white, will it intensify the 
chocolate flavor?

Thoughts and advice are appreciated quickly, because I will be going to the 
store on Wednesday.  Thanks.

Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're finished, 
you! really! are! finished! 

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