[CnD] Asking for recipe for oven roast brussel sprouts

janbrown janbrown at samobile.net
Tue Mar 3 15:52:15 EST 2015

Yes indeed. 
Defrost those little fellers, cut them in pieces and sauté in a little butter, salt and pepper with diced onion.
Keep stirring them around for 20 minutes or so.
Ifthey start getting dry, you can tell because the sizzle sounds different, add water a bit at a time. 

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> On Mar 3, 2015, at 12:46 PM, Donald via Cookinginthedark <cookinginthedark at acbradio.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have found a few recipes but wondered if anyone had a favourite yet simple 
> orasting recipe for brussel sprouts.  I have a bag of frozen ones and want 
> to use them other than boiling them.
> Thanks.  Donald
> PS/ Hi Helen, how is the cooking group going?
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