[CnD] Answers to Charles' Questions

Jan zarf2001 at verizon.net
Wed Mar 4 12:24:51 EST 2015

Charles, there are instant puddings that you don't have to cook, that you
just mix up. the brands I know most about are Jello and royal. Directions
for me has America's Choice and other types listed. They come in 3-ounce,
4-ounce and 5-ounce packages, from what I can tell. The 3-ounce packages are
supposed to make four servings. Each serving is about one cup. You mix the
contents of the package with mil,k, two cups for the 3-ounce package, for
example. You beat the mixture with an electric mixer. I've used a rotary egg
beater, because my mother did it that way. then you chill the mixture for an
hour or more and it's ready to eat. There are also puddings that come in
similar packaging that are called cook and serve. You heat the contents of
the package with milk, boil till it thickens and then either eat the pudding
warm or chill it. I like the taste of the cook and serve puddings better
than the "instant". 

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