[CnD] question about vegetable steamers

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Are you talking about a rice steamer? I forgot about them. I have one which I only use for rice.

John Diakogeorgiou

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> There's another type, the type that I prefer. It consists of an electrical unit with a timer that has a drip tray that sits over the water bowl to catch drippings, along with a basket to hold the food that sits on top and a lid. Dot markers on the timer knob are all it takes to make this type accessible. Some have a pair of stackable baskets and/or a small bowl for steaming rice. The one I have (with a broken timer knob I seem unable to be able to replace) was made by Magic Chef but I know other folks that have similar ones made by Black & Decker. The drip tray, lid, and food basket or baskets are all dishwasher safe and the base unit can be cleaned, after cooling, with no problem, as it only holds water.
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>> I've seen 3 different types of steamers. One is a metal basket which
>> sits in the bottom of a sauce pan. Another is used in the microwave and
>> made out of plastic. It has holes in the top for steam to come out of.
>> A third also sits in the microwave and has 3 pieces. It is oblong with
>> 3 parts. All 3 work well depending on whether you want to use the stove
>> or microwave. They are a great tool for healthier cooking.
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>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I'm looking for a vegetable steamer, and was interested to know,
>> where
>>> you got yours from, and how it works My sister found one on line, and
>>> this is how she described it.
>>> But, we'll be going to Wal-Mart to see what they have.
>>> This is the kind I think I'd want to buy.
>>> It's 3 pieces lid , steamer part that has holes in it and the pot for
>>> around
>>> $38.98 it's not that cheap. This product is only online and they
>>> deliver to your home. When ordering it also lets you know how long it
>>> will be. There warehouse is in Mississauga!
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