[CnD] a dish I make and some questions

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I find that putting grated cheese melts just fine on top of scrambled eggs. Your cheese probably won't melt if you wait to put the cheese on top of your taco fixings and don't heat the whole thing.

I use picante sauce, Pace, in three strengths of heat. This salsa has chopped vegetables in it. 

Tomorrow I am fixing a taco salad with ground beef, shredded carrot, sour cream and guacamole and of course Mexican four blend cheese. Of course the Pecante sauce is mixed with the hamburger.

Gary Patterson

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Well, omit the cheese and sour cream. Instead of these great your own cheese, perhaps something with a bit of spice? I specifically say to great your own cheese because I have found that the cheeses that come already grated do not melt well. I have read this is because they are coated with a substance that helps to prevent them from sticking. In Lieu of the sour cream being inside your taco grande save it for a topping along with some fresh snipped cilantro and chopped scallions. 

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> Hi,
> I make this dish wich is kind of a rp off of taco bells natcho bell grandae.
> I fry up some hamburger and and a packet of taco seasoning mix. I will 
> be switching out the store bought mix once I find a recipe for 
> homemade seasoning that I like.
> In a microwave safe bowl I add 1 can refried beans. I have not tried 
> making these from scratch yet but will be doing this at some point to. 
> I also add a jar of natcho cheese from a jar. I will be replacing this 
> as well when I find a recipe my wife and I like.
> I microwave it until it is hot. In are microwave it takes about 4 
> minutes with having to stir it every so often.
> After the beans and the cheese are cooked together I add the meet and stir.
> I add some sour cream and some onions and mix some more.
> This is usually a dip so it is usually served with tostitos.
> Here is my question and I am pretty sure it is simple and I am missing 
> something. This turns out a bit thin but my wife likes the idea of 
> using this in taco shells. Anyone have any good ideas for thickening this?
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