[CnD] Question: How to remove rug burn marks

Parham Doustdar parham90 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 12:38:40 EDT 2015

Hi all,

When cooking today, a square piece of paper towel fell on the stove and 
started to burn. I, in my infinite wisdom, didn't just pick it up and 
throw it in the sink next to me; instead I picked it up and ran for the 
other sink, which was about ten steps or so away, shaking the paper 
towel wildly as I went. As you can tell, it did get worse, and by the 
time I got to the other sink, it was blazing. I threw it toward the 
sink, but it flipped in the air and landed on the rug. It went out very 
quickly, but it did manage to burn the rug a bit.

First, lessons for those that might not have experienced such a thing:

1. Always keep your cool. Losing your cool will lead to making stupid 
decisions in the heat of the moment.
2. Never shake a burning paper towel. It will cause the paper towel to 
burn even worse.
3. Do not throw a paper towel. Drop it. Throwing will just make it flip 
around in the air and land on the ground. Try throwing a paper towel 
(one that hopefully isn't burning); you'll see what I mean.
4. If you burn your hand, quickly stick it in cold water for five 
minutes for first degree burns, and ten minutes for second degree burns. 
Most burns in the kitchen are first-degree, but if you feel the lower 
layer of your skin has also been burned, keep your hand in cold water 
for ten minutes.

Now, on to my question.

Since my parents don't know I've made such a mess, and they will 
probably figure it out once they get home in two days or so, what do you 
suggest I do to fix the burned rug? It is a very small spot, about the 
length of my middle finger.

Hope this helps someone, and someone can help me in return! :)

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