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Ok so this is what is so hard: it depends on what you are cooking. Fresh bread you wan to feel crispy and sort of sound hollow when you tap it. Also biscuits. But cornbread, cakes, banana bread etc. you want to do the cake test and make sure the edges don't crisp. Caseroles ofen feel slightly crispy on top, but barely. You wouldn't want them to sound hollow when tapped because that would be burnt. Potatoes should feel crisp on the outside but very soft still so if you press, you can feel them mushy like inside. You can pull things out of the oven to test either by pulling out a rack or taking it out altogether. You can put something on a plate from inside a skillet and test or just test one if you are frying potatoes and take it off the flame, returning it if it is not already done. Pancakes and things like that feel firm when you press in the center and not mushy and the edges are slightly cristp. French toast is similar. Chicken and other meats, I like to time because I want to make sure there is no blood left in them. Same with burgers and steaks. I hope this has been somewhat helpful. 

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I hope this gets answered in such a way that makes sense.  People have told me that it is brown when it smells right, but they don't describe what that is.  They say that you have to go by experience.  Others have said to go by the feel of it, but, well, you'd better touch quick.  And how should it feel?  It is said that you go by experience.  So, we're back to square one.

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> Hello:
> In some of the recipes, the phrase: "until golden brown" is used.
> How does a totally blind person, or persons know what that is.
> Thanks.
> Carol McConnell
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