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Hi Theresa,
I like to grill as well, but I fear the grill, so I rather have my husband do it. I am blind and he is not.
So that makes more sense to me. Not that blind folks can't do it, I just rather not because well I am afraid of either burning the food, myself or burning down the house, LOL
I know it's not funny,but well, I think you understand.
So I to would like to have helpful and friendly,safe, tips on how a blind person would grill outside.

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Today's trouble is enough for today."
~Matt. 6:34-Sugar

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Hello everyone

I have a question about cooking outdoors. I know how to put the charcoal in the grill, light the charcoal, and that is it. Technically I know how to cook the meat but telling someone else to do it though. Things that I cook on the grill are chicken, Hamburgers, steak, and hotdogs.

I would like to learn how to do this on my own. My husband panics when I want to do this so my question is what are the cooking temperatures and times for these meets.? I know about hotdogs and hamburgers cause those Cook quick! LOL some people like their steak rare, medium rare, medium well and well done! My question is would you please tell me how long to cook these at this type of style. And chicken is very to me hard to do. So my question for that without the bone like chicken breast how long should one cook on the grill? And with bone also how long should it be cooked on the grill? If any of you can help me with this that would be so awesome thanks again you could also throw in things like corn, vegetables and potatoes. I know this is so much and overwhelming information but I greatly really do appreciate it. And I love this list because all of you are so awesome with advice and tips.

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