[CnD] outside grilling

Gregory Yorke gyorke at verizon.net
Sun Apr 12 16:20:00 EDT 2015

Hello -

I have 2 baskets for the grill.

The first one is closed with two sides and it can be flipped without getting
close to the heat because It has a long handle.

The second one is just like a square bowl with holes in it.  I use this one
to grill vegetables.

It takes a little time but touch and smell works.

Pull the meat/chicken away from the heat and take a look.  

Like the George Forman machine, smell is the key.

I have not used charcoal for a while, my grill is natural gas.  It is a
little more safe to lite. 

Either one can be removed from the heat easily, so you can touch the
meat/chicken and smell it to see if it is done without being over the fire.

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