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Dressing a steak will improve your quality and bring out the flavor nicely. There are multiple ways to dress a steak, but this is what I do.
First I pour out a little (as in, maybe a tablespoon for two or three steaks) of EVOO or another good quality cooking oil on a flat surface, like a plate. I place the steak down on it and turn it over. Then I rub a bit of kosher salt, garlic powder (be sparing) and black pepper into the slab of cow. Then I flip it over and to this again, and then repeat with the second steak. Then I put both of them in the fridge and let them sit in there for a couple of hours. This works on the better cuts, like T-bones, porterhouses, ribeyes, sirloin steaks, Filet Mignon, and other softer meats like the strip steaks. Tougher steaks need a more acidic marinade in the fridge to start to break up the bonds in the meat to turn out a more tender result.

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> Hello there.
> I was wondering when buying a steak how you know if it's a good cut of
> meat or not?  I had a friend tell me that some steaks you need a
> marinade while others you don't. I bought a Sirloin strip and when
> cooked it with black pepper and a little garlic and salt it came out
> tough.  I took it to a friends house and she made it using a marinade
> and it was tender and melted in my mouth.  I know other stakes you
> don't need to do a lot but maybe a rub as they're already tender.  I'm
> thinking a RibI or a felayminya as they're a better cut of meat.  How
> does one tell if it's a good cut of meat or not?
> Could you do a marinaid on a good cut of meat like a RibBi?  I remember
> eating a steak in a restaurant and it tasted like all they did was a
> little salt and pepper on top and it was perfect.  t-bone steaks are
> Good.  If anyone has a list of where the different cuts come from or
> how to prepair steak, marinaid recipes too, please send. Any help is
> great.
> Blaine
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