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Nicole described a very good way to make a steak. A ver easy and effective marinade is Italian salad dressing. You can also use one with regular or balsamic vinegar, depending on your taste. (Great for chicken wings you place under the broiler after marinating overnight or for at least 3 hours.) Same with the steak. You can also buy some very good teriyaki marinades. I have also used a mix of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce. (They sell a great one with red wine added that is perfect.), fresh minced garlic and onion powder and a little black pepper. Make sure both sides of your steak get coated evenly. You can also marinate you steak in red wine, add a little onion and garlic and mushrooms to a little butter or olive oil, depending on your taste buds. After sauteing these, add you marinated steak and simmer. Cook slowly till tender, covering to keep in the wine flavors and turning once. Salt and pepper to taste before serving. 

Also, you can by carneisada already marinated from Mexican meat counters. I have marinated these in the balsamic vinegar salad dressing or Italian and then baked them in the oven for 30-35 minutes and they are very tender that way. (I use a baking stone, but you could use a shallow baking pan.)

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Hello there.

I was wondering when buying a steak how you know if it's a good cut of meat 
or not?  I had a friend tell me that some steaks you need a marinade while 
others you don't. I bought a Sirloin strip and when cooked it with black 
pepper and a little garlic and salt it came out tough.  I took it to a 
friends house and she made it using a marinade and it was tender and melted 
in my mouth.  I know other stakes you don't need to do a lot but maybe a rub 
as they're already tender.  I'm thinking a RibI or a felayminya as they're a 
better cut of meat.  How does one tell if it's a good cut of meat or not? 
Could you do a marinaid on a good cut of meat like a RibBi?  I remember 
eating a steak in a restaurant and it tasted like all they did was a little 
salt and pepper on top and it was perfect.  t-bone steaks are Good.  If 
anyone has a list of where the different cuts come from or how to prepair 
steak, marinaid recipes too, please send. Any help is great.

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