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Hey Dale has a great ppodcast on this. Make sure you have a bowl of warm water near. Wahs you hands well. Use a spatula, spreader, or even a butter knife to place globs of frosting on the cake in the center. Now use your fingers to spread evenly out to the siede. After the fist spread, you should be able to tell how much you need for the cake. Rins hands in water often and repeat the process, placing frosting glob nearer the edge to spread down the sides of the cake. Use a light touch. I use a little rubber frosting spreader to make it look pretty at the ending by running it lightly over the top. Enjoy!

(Very easy to frost cupcakes like this too. Usually only one glob needed and can remove a little if you place too much on the cupcake)

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I need tips on how a blind person frosts cakes, thanks.

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