[CnD] guacamole recipe wanted

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I'm pretty basic.
Smash up the avocados you are going to use.
Add just a small amount of lemon juice salsa of your choice and that is all.
I used to put more things in but I love spicy creamy avos without adornment.

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> Mike
> I know there are a lot of different varieties of Guacomolie but this is how I make mine and we enjoy it:
> Depending on how much you are making, I usually use the following: 3 tender,ready avocados
> 1 sm. Diced tomato
> 1/2 cup red diced onions
> 1 to 2 tea spoon of mayo for creaminess
> Salt to taste
> And a small pinch of garlic powder
> A squeeze of Fresh lemon juice
> Cilantro just to top off once done
> Jalepeno diced in small pieces
> Sometimes I buy the canned Jalepemos with sliced carrots from "Embassa" and if I don't use the chillies I use a little of the juce,to my liking or I just leave them out on a dish for those who want to add some spice to it later.
> I cut the avocado's in four pieces then I peel the skin and remove the seed
> I smash them a bit then I add the mayo,salt and garlic powder,tomato,lemon jalepenos  and onions and I mix them all up but not to fine because I don't like watery guacomolie..smile
> You can leave it chunky or mix till desired texture.
> Once all done you have a tasty,simple dish of fresh guacamolie!
> Served with chips
> Hope you enjoy
> Sugar
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> Could someone please post a recipe for guacamole?  Thanks so much.  Mike
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