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That will be very good. Make sure you bake meat side down, cover to keep moist, and then uncover for last 15 minutes, turn meat side up, and brown.

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 Stupid question, but I have chicken breast I plan on baking tonight.
How do you put the seasonings under the skin?
Also, I didn't marinate it last night, and plan on baking it once I get home, because if I wait a couple of hours, we will be having dinner around six/sevenish which is to late for my liking.
I do not have olive oil, and just have vegetable oil, can I mix the seasonings with that?
So here's my plan, seasonings under the skin, mix other seasonings with vegetable oil and poor on top of chicken breast then bake for 80 minutes on 400. thoughts?

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> Absolutely, putting the spices under the skin will significantly help 
> distribute the taste throughout the meet. Naturally, you can do this 
> dry, however, mixing the spices with a little bit of olive oil or 
> butter will also help to moisten the meat. Let the chicken marinate 
> with the mixture under the skin for 1 to 2 hours, or even overnight 
> setting in the refrigerator.
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>> Hi everyone,
>> Wondering if I'm remembering this right. If I put garlic or other 
>> spices under the skin, will that help the chicken pieces not be
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