[CnD] bread machines

John Diakogeorgiou jdiakoge2584 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 16:02:52 EDT 2015

I have one. It is not very blind friendly. It has several buttons on
it. They control the size of the bread i.e. weight, what type it is,
i.e. white, whole wheat, pizza, etc., and how dark you want it. Their
is no way to know which setting it is on. It defaults to one, but if
you make a mistake you can't clear it and start over because it
remembers your setting for several hours. I use it because I have
sighted people in my house. If you can find a way to get around these
problems such as maybe using the KNFB reader on an IPhone which I
haven't tried they make a great product.

On 4/27/15, Dark Count via Cookinginthedark
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> Hello all.
> Anybody have any luck using a bread machine?
> I am in the market for one, but it seems they are not very blind friendly.
> I heard some of them do beep and one can use the beeps as land marks for
> either adding stuff, or setting it up.
> Tia
> D C
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