[CnD] Frustrations in the kitchen sometimes

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I'm really surprised that when this topic was discussed a while back, nobody 
mentioned my biggest problem.  That is dropping and/or knocking things over. 
I always try to put the lids back on things when they are not actually in 
use, but I do fear knocking the thing over while I'm reaching for the lid to 
put back on.  Fortunately, I am not a coffee drinker so I do not knock mugs 
over unless they are my reader's when I'm reaching to hand her something. 
Sighted people have this problem to some extent too, because my reader says 
that from actual experience the worst things to drop are blueberries.  Isn't 
it fun to think you have them all, and then later when you've forgotten all 
about them, you step on one so you have a blue spot on the floor and your 
footwear.  Cherry tomatoes and grapes are second and third in line.  And 
have you had the pleasure of trying to clean up spilled salad dressing or 
oil?  What brings this up is that this morning I knocked over my container 
of pistachios while I was nibbling on a few.  Well, first I had to put my 
guide dog in her crate, and my pet dog outside because my guide dog is a lab 
so she thinks vacuum cleaner is in her job description.  Then I crawled 
around for about 15 minutes picking up pistachios.  I actually did very well 
because when the dogs were allowed back, I only heard about 8 or 9 crunches. 
I hope this gives you all a good laugh because I really don't think I am the 
only one who has this problem so I think you can sympathize and maybe 
elaborate on the subject.  And I might as well ask a question.  If something 
like a blueberry, pistachio or tomato falls on the floor but has not been 
squashed, do you throw it out or do you wash it of and use it?
Ellen and the animals who like living here because sometimes they get 
unexpected snacks
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>I really got to razz my sighted Mom once when she put liquid smoke into a 
>double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies instead of vanilla.  Let's just say 
>that they certainly had a unique flavor??
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> Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're 
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>> Losing something you just had in your hand a second ago will drive you 
>> crazy!
>> "Where did I put it?" I have asked myself a million times it seems.
>> It especially gets on my nerves when we have to stop recording a Cooking 
>> in the Dark show so I can find what I just had  in my hand...
>> To help me keep my blood pressure down, I have tried to teach myself to 
>> put things back where they go after I have used them....
>> I am still trying to teach myself this.
>> Getting better but I did lose the hot sauce today...
>> I have taught myself to lean my cooking utensil, spoon, spatula, tongs, 
>> etc, in the sink...
>> actually I lean them in the front left and corner of my sink.
>> That way when I need to grab the utensil, I always know where they are...
>> Keep on trucking Jerry!
>> Heck, once when I was making a meat loaf, I accidentally added a package 
>> of vanilla pudding...I thought it was my bag of onion and mushroom soup 
>> mix...
>> Anyway, that meat loaf was sweet and it was orange! I did not figure out 
>> why it was that way until after dinner...my wife still won't let me live 
>> that one down ! (grin)
>> Dale
>> Campbell
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>>>Hi all.
>>>So sometimes when Im cooking, I forget where I set things down like the 
>>>garlic or a bottle of sauce. The other day I was frying some corn taco 
>>>shells and kept losing the tongs. Sometimes...or most of the time the 
>>>kids will need me for something and I get distracted. Does this happen to 
>>>any of you?
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