[CnD] audio tribute to phil parr

Steve Stewart cookdark6 at suddenlink.net
Tue May 19 15:03:33 EDT 2015

I am not sure we let the list know, but phil parr pass away on april 22. 
For those  list members that new Phil Parr, or  had heard of Phil, the blind handy man, or blind like me, and the early cooking in the dark show’s. 

Recently  Tim Cumings the producer of  the cooking in the dark show made a audio tribuit to Phil’s life show’s and music.  short segments  of some show’s music and some of Phil’s life story.  If you want to listen you can download the mp3 file from the following link.  Around 57 minutes long..

Link follows.


Steve Stewart
CnD Moderator
email; cookdark6 at suddenlink.net

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