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As a totally blind person, I don't mind those cooking terms.  One 
learns with experience to judge in other ways, by smell, texture, 
etc.  Let's not avoid common terms in cooking.  A person can 
always ad to his explanation of a recipe.

Brenda Mueller

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>Hello List:

>Pardon my ignorance, but when a recipe calls for a clove of 
garlic, does it
>call for the little thing that looks like a seed, or does it call 
for the
>whole garlic?

>I prepared a leg of lamb as follows:

>3 potatoes sliced. 3-4 baby carrots. 1 half of an onion chopped, 
½ cup of

>Take the netting off of the leg of lamb, rub it with a little 
pepper, and if
>so desired some garlic powder.

>Put it into a crockpot, and then the vegetables on the top of it.

>Pour the water on the side, and not onto the meat and vegetables.

>Put the crockpot on high for 4-6 hours, or low for 10-12 hours.

>I couldnÂ’t find a recipe in any cookbook, that coordinated whit 
what we
>have, so I thought outside of the box.

>The lamb came out really yummy!

>If anyone has any different lamb recipes, please share them.

>Last note: When putting recipes into the list, remember, that 
some of are
>totally blind, and cannot tell when something is golden brown, or 
there is
>not pink in it, either meat, or something else. Just a friendly 

>Thanks for reading, and hoe you like this recipe.


>John and Carol McConnell

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