[CnD] The RangeMate is pretty handy, sometimes

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I bought one recently from QVC but haven't had a chance to try it yet.  I'm glad to see that people like it so well.  Think I'll take a look at the website.

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Hi, Alex.

My mom got me one of these from QVC, only it's round and has a silicone 
insert I can use to steam veggies.  There's also a 4 cavity silicone muffin 
pan that comes with it.

So far I really like mine.  I've made meat loaf, hamburgers, several types 
of chicken and have steamed vegetables with no problem.

It is tricky to figure out cooking times, even though the microwave wattage 
used in their manual is an 1100 watt and that's the same as mine, so there's 
been some trial and error.

Still, it does a good job with browning things and you really can make a 
grilled chese that's crispy on both sides.  You'd never know it was cooked 
in a microwave.


Lisa Belville
lisab12 at frontier.com
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Hi all,
My grandmother is constantly buying random things she sees on TV that will 
"help" me in the kitchen. Very rarely do they prove to be anything more that 
Ebay fodder, but there are exceptions.

The RangeMate (www.rangemateusa.com) is one. It claims to let you cook 
hamburgers, chicken breasts, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and so on, all in 
the microwave. Aside from flipping halfway through, you need only put the 
item in, put the lid on, and nuke it.

I was skeptical, but I have to admit that I've had success so far. My 
hamburger was good, my grilled cheese nicely done, my quesadillas (once I 
got the cooking time down) quite tasty… I expected a different taste or 
texture, in the same way food in a slow cooker can taste more steamed than 
one would like. This wasn't the case, though. The website lists a lot more 
recipes--muffins, oatmeal, eggs, and more--but I haven't tried them yet.

The RangeMate is a large rectangle made from plastic. The long sides are 
slightly convex and sport small handles. Inside, you have a grill pan, 
complete with the ridges that will give things grill marks. The plastic 
sides extend above the pan a few inches, until terminating in a rubber ring 
that goes around the inner perimeter. The lid, which has a knob-like handle 
on top, rests on that rubber. It just sits there, no locking mechanism or 
anything. Once you put your food on the pan and put the lid on, you place 
the entire contraption in the microwave and hit 'Start'. As I said, you'll 
have to flip your meal partway through cooking; the small size of the 
RangeMate can make this a bit of a challenge, but I doubt most people would 
have a problem.

If you've been considering one of these, or have never heard of it, my 
personal--and still somewhat limited--experience is that this thing does 
what it says on the box. Give it a try, especially if you have a 
glass-topped stove or can never get the timing right when cooking something 
in a pan.

Have a great day,
Alex Hall
mehgcap at icloud.com

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