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The way I like to oven fry zucchini is to heat the oven to 400 line a cookie sheet with parchment paper with a little olive oil on it,  then dip the zucchini rings or fingers in first, flour with seasoning, then dip in beaten egg with a little hot sauce and milk  in it and then dip in cracker crumbs. Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and bake 15 to 20 minutes, turning once. Very good. Vicki    

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Hello I hope all is well in the cooking world. I need help I have zucchini that I need to use, instead of frying them in all that grease. I think someone had a recipe here for baking them in the oven. How may degrees in the oven and how many minutes should you bake the zucchini when they are sliced, and breaded. Before I put them in the oven, can I use an egg dip and then breadcrumbs? Thank you in advance.

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