[CnD] Mixing streusel

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Sun Aug 2 03:28:40 EDT 2015

Hi, Alex,
Mixing streusel is like mixing pastry; you handle it as little as possible and keep the butter cold.  From what I've read in your messages, you are using your hands to mix in the butter.  In older cook books it instructs to rub the butter into the flour.  
I think it would be worth investing in a pastry blender.  It is a "u" shaped tool with a series of wires and a handle.  You simply work this through the butter and flour with a cutting motion; it does the work and you will end up with the course crumbs you want.
It sounds like the butter is getting too warm as you work, which prevents it from absorbing the flour mixture.
I hope this helps.  You can probably find a pastry blender anywhere that sells kitchen gadgets.  Don't give up!

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