[CnD] Cutting big sandwiches and stuff

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Not sure, because I don't cut them.  I suppose that you'd start at one edge 
and measure so that it would be close to being equal pieces, then press 
until the knife is on the plate at the sharp end.  Then apply pressure 
gradually until the knife has been worked down into the sandwich.  Then lift 
up on the knife and follow the partial cut until the sharp edge is almost at 
the end of your cut, stab until the point meets the plate and proceed as 
before until the sandwich has partially been cut all the way across.  You 
should then be able to put the knife back at the starting point and, with 
one swipe, pull it through the sandwich with the sharp edge touching the 
plate.  This sounds more complicated when reading it than it is to do.  A 
good idea might be to practice on something thin, at home, until you get the 
idea.  A grilled cheese sandwich could be used.  I hope this made sense?? 
I've been picturing doing it in my head as I've been typing.

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> This may be a weird question, but it's something I've been thinking about
> lately.
> When you eat sandwiches, especially those that have some bulk to them, do
> you cut them in half for easier eating?
> What about messier things, like hamburgers served to you at a non-fast 
> food
> restaurant?
> I was served a burger today, and I found that there was a knife already in
> the burger for cutting in half.  Even though I made sure it didn't have 
> too
> much stuff on it, it had enough to make the cutting of the burger messy 
> and
> awkward.  Of course, by the time it was over, my fingers were all over the
> thing and while I somehow got it done, it was a job that I'm sure did not
> look very attractive. <smile>
> Any tips?
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