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Hi, I responded directly to this post and I realize it should have been sent 
to the entire list.  I have included info about my model.  thanks

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Hi, thanks for the info, however, that is not the same model, so there could
be a difference.  Mind only has one button.  Layout, screen on top, under
that button, and grill below that.  thanks

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I believe I have the same one, though my model may differ. I'll assume yours
is basically the same, though: a screen, below that a speaker grill, below
that a large rubber button. A small rubber button is on the back, along with
the battery compartment.

Assuming you've installed batteries, operation is very simple. The large
rubber button will, when pressed and held for a few seconds, turn the unit
on or off. Each state is indicated by beeps. While on, pressing the button
quickly will speak the temperature recorded by the metal probe. You may not
interrupt this announcement by pressing the button again. Pressing the small
button on the back of the unit will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
> On Aug 29, 2015, at 10:18 AM, John Kolwick via Cookinginthedark 
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>       Hello, some time ago, I had purchased one of Blind Mice Mart’s 
> talking thermometers.  I had not used it in some time, I want to make sure 
> I am using it properly, if someone has one, would they email the 
> information on how to use it correctly.  I have misplaced the directions. 
> Thanks very much.
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