[CnD] barbecued chicken thoughts

Charles Rivard wee1sman at fidnet.com
Mon Sep 7 10:46:07 EDT 2015

I'm looking for advice from someone who had done this rather than conjecture:

I usually put about 10 chicken thighs, bone in, into a 350 degree oven for about an hour, then top with barbecue sauce.  I'm thinking of doing the same in a 5 quart crock pot.  With settings of low, medium, or high, and for how long?  Also, can the barbecue sauce be added before the cooking process?  Or, can it be added before the cooking process in the oven?  I do not want to dilute the sauce with water, but also do not want it to cook down to nothing before the chicken is done.  Either method would be easy, but I do want to be sure that the chicken is fully cooked.  I'm not sure about having that much chicken in a crock pot at once.  I'm looking for the best flavor.  Your thoughts are appreciated.

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