[CnD] How to fill a Container with hot water?

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Good morning
For me I just place the tip of my finger towards the top  if it was for myself. if I was serving for other's I usually can tell by just feeling the outside of the cup or mug and if nothing else I use my liquid identifier.
I think for me, it  takes some practiving till you get familiar with the levels you wish.
Since I personally enjoy my hot coffee up to the brim I usually hear(yep I can hear the echo of the mug or cup) or just feel lightly till I feel the steam some.
I know everyone does this differently so I advise and suggest that you find a method that works for you bbecause what works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me.
As long we all stay safe..smile

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What methods do people on this list use to know that a container is filled with hot water? This could be pouring hot coffee into a cup, or hot water into a pot/bowl.

Thanks a lot!
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