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Wow, best of luck! I don't have links, but most of these can be found either on www.blindmicemegamall.com or anywhere cooking items are sold.

I'm comfortable with knives, but many aren't. A cut-proof glove is great to have; use it on your non-cutting hand so you can easily feel the item you are cutting, but be protected from either misjudging a slice, or accidentally brushing the blade.

Oven gloves that cover up to the wrists are essential for me. I'm always feeling for the edge of the rack, or putting my hands flat on it as I slide my item in so I can tell how far from the edge it is. They are especially good for handling heavy items, like skillets or cast-iron pots used for baking.

Braille/large print measuring cups and spoons are invaluable, of course, as is a talking thermometer.

I really like using a strainer meant to go in the pot. I can put the pasta or other item in the strainer, boil it like normal, then just lift the strainer out and my pasta is drained. This is perfect for dishes where you will reuse the pot. It's much easier than pouring pasta into a strainer or scooping it out with a small strainer.

I often use the Paprika app for iOS to manage recipes. It's a bit pricy, but it's fully accessible. Object recognition apps are also wonderful, so you can tell which bag of flour is which or whether that's the jasmine or plain rice. Examples include Camfind, Digit-Eyes, Tap Tap See, or even remote assistance apps like FaceTime, Skype, or similar. Bar code readers like Red Laser or Digit-Eyes are also good here, but it's often hard to find the bar codes on bags or packages used in cooking.
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> For those of you with a glib, creative, snarky tongue, please feel free to submit a program title for my grant proposal. It needs to be something catchy, something creative. 
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