[CnD] Urgently Need Input: Setting up a kitchen

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What fun, Janet!  You have my utmost sympathy concerning the deadline.

Don't forget a nylon knife.  I use mine for cutting things on nonstick surfaces, but I would think it would be useful also for someone who isn't yet comfortable with knives.  The Pourfect bowl, measuring cup and spoon set should also be helpful with its added blind-friendly features and Braille markings. Alex mentioned oven mitts; I remember when I was starting out that I had a set that reached to my elbows.  Marvelous!Don't forget talking/tactile timers, thermometers, etc.I also really like the three-in-one egg slicer I got from Blind Mice; great for quickly and safely slicing eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, etc.

I'll write again if other things come to me.  Best of luck with this venture!


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I am in the process of writing a grant proposal for which I have been given, as usual, very short notice. I am, for those of you who did not know, a teacher of the visually impaired at a large high school. I am requesting the funds to set up a kitchen that will enable me to more fully implement daily living skills activities. We have already been donated major appliances. The school has provided a separate room and has had the appliances connected which might not sound like a big deal, but believe me, in a school system this is a big deal. The support has been great. Last year my students provided a dining in the dark experience for invited faculty. We plan to do the same again this year. 

The expense of all of these activities has fallen completely on myself. Being awarded this grant would be a great relief for me. 

So here is what I am asking of all of you. Would you all please send me messages with lists of what you feel would be essential for the kitchen of a beginner blind cook. Try to be as specific as possible and include the source (where it can be purchased) as I must have a detailed list for the grant proposal. If you think your item might sound a bit odd to non-B/VI people, write a one sentence rationale. 

Some areas of thought include accessible small appliances, gadgets that provide enhanced safety or accessibility, basic kitchen essentials with small but helpful designs, labeling methods, items or techniques that help in shopping and meal planning (can even include accessible software). 

The ultimate goal of my proposal includes Who planting, shopping, menu and recipe creation, food preparation,, serving, and cleanup. Finally, the students will prepare a cookbook that will also include their own kitchen gadget reviews and cooking tips for the blind produced in braille and large print. 

Here's the really bad news… my proposal must be completed by Sunday night. I plan to request the maximum allowed in the application process which is $1000. 

Thank you all for any and all ideas you are able to provide. 


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