[CnD] frying sunnyside up eggs

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If you like your eggs sunny-side-up and basted, here is a little trick. Get your grease hot, about medium heat as the other member said, and break your egg in the skillet. With the lid in one hand, put in a piece of ice and cover quickly to keep from getting splattered. Then cook for about 3 minutes, or longer if you like the egg a bit more done. Experiment with the time. My nephew cooked for Bob Evans for years and he gave me this trick. He says that is how they cook basted eggs.

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Hi list members,
My name is Wally Gramza, I live alone, and do all of my own cooking. What devices if any are there to simplify making sunnyside up eggs and what length of time do you fry the eggs for? One minute or? How can I tell when the eggs are done?  I like them medium not runny. Thank you so much for your time to share your methods with me. 
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