[CnD] Question about frozen boneless turkey breast

Cindy Simpson autumnrain310 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 03:46:06 EST 2015

Hello all,
I've listened to the cooking in the dark show 318 a number of times about
the preparation of boneless turkey breasts. I made up my mind I was going
to try my hand at baking one this year.  However, the only turkey breasts
my assistant and I could find had the bone in them until we looked in the
frozen section.  My assistant found a frozen boneless turkey breast that
came in its own roasting bag with different cooking instructions from the
ones I learned from listening to Dale's show. My assistant told me if I
wanted I could disregard the printed cooking instructions and follow the
ones I was taught instead and should get the same results.  Does anyone
have any thoughts on this?  For example, the instructions printed on the
bag said to cook at 375 degrees for an hour and 45 minutes. But Dale's
podcast said to cook at 325 for about the same amount of time.  I should
also note that this is about a 3-pound boneless breast I'm working with
here.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to just
disregard the cooking instructions on the bag and follow dale's
instructions, but this is my very first time doing anything like this and
I'm a little bit intimidated.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

Cindy Simpson

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