[CnD] Question: what can the blind do in a restaurant?

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Do you sell gourmet coffee?
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Hello, I am Gerry Leary. I own the unseen bean coffee shop. It has two 
locations. I roast all of the coffee for it. I can do most tasks in the 
coffee shops well, and a few tasks clumsily. The tasks that I do clumsily or 
ones that I don't do often and haven't learned well. I do come from a handy 
background, because I was car mechanic for 40  years. I have been blind 
since birth, and have no idea what vision is. The tasks that are difficult 
for me to do in a coffee shop or things like spreading things on bread 
smoothly picking up only one slice of Finley sliced meat. I do these things 
with food gloves on because a it is a requirement, and be it gives the 
people confidence in the cleanliness of our shops.

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> Hi,
> I woulk in the restaurant filed. I find that their really isn't much she 
> can not do. I found the only thing for me was decorating cakes and stuff.
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> Hi,
> As a programmer, I started programming before I even knew my limitations. 
> I didn't know what the blind can and cannot do when it comes to 
> programming, and I frankly didn't care: programming was fun and I did it, 
> and that was all that mattered.
> However, when it comes to food-related stuff, for most stuff, you need to 
> get training, and you need to know what you can do better than others, and 
> what you're not so good at, and what you definitely cannot do, so that you 
> can do what is called "targeted learning", where you slim down what you're 
> going to learn to what you will absolutely need, and go for them.
> My spouse who is completely blind likes to one day own a restaurant.
> Even if she doesn't achieve this goal, she enjoys reading about food, 
> learning how to cook, and so on. I've read that there are blind restaurant 
> owners and chefs and so on, and this email is for those people.
> Since you guys are much more experienced at this than I am, can you help 
> her decide what to learn? What positions in a restaurant are 
> blind-friendly, to coin a term?
> Best,
> Parham
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> http://acbradio.org/mailman/listinfo/cookinginthedark I am using Siri to 
> dictate this, so it may be a little rough. Anyway the tasks that I find 
> difficult I don't do often, but they haven't gotten easier. As I work in 
> the industry and experiment yes somethings to get much easier. But things 
> like latte art I haven't done yet. Some of the tasks in a restaurant can 
> be easier, if you use equipment that blind people can control. Our use a 
> cash register program that works on an iPad and it works quite well with 
> voiceover. It also has a really good back office that you get to online 
> that can give you all of the reports. I do have a little difficulty 
> working with her talking scale, because there isn't a good one that can do 
> what I needed to do. So that task I leave for others most of the time. I 
> do have a scale that talks, but it is not trade legal so I can't custom 
> way anything. Also I may have a little trouble with presentation when I'm 
> putting things on our plate, because I don't necess
 arily know The way that it might look the best. So, other people and assist 
me with that. When our coffee shop is really really busy, I generally stay 
away from the backside of the counter. I can be more productive talking to 
people about how blind people roast coffee, what kind of adaptations we had 
to make in the equipment so that I could use it, and anything about the rest 
of the difficulties of being in the restaurant I would say, the most 
difficult part about being a blind business person is all of the paperwork 
necessary to carry it out. The accounting the taxes the invoicing the 
receiving the shipping and anything else that you might think of that song 
for you druther really needs a pair of eyes to make it an efficient process. 
Therefore a lot of that work I have to buy. So in some ways it cost me more 
as a blind person however, there are sighted people out there that just 
can't add 2+17-5 because it just isn't something that they like to do there 
are sighted people out there
  that don't even know what a screwdriver does. They just don't have it in 
them, or they don't have the interest. So we're not really any worse off as 
blind people. In my case I have to pay bookkeepers accountants secretaries 
readers drivers and people to assist me in many of the restaurant processes. 
Four instance I can function well if I label all of the bottles in the 
refrigerator. I can function well if I label all of the meat containers. 
That way I don't have to touch the insides of the container or smell the 
bottle or take a taste for my glass. I can function well with the cash 
register once I'm used to how it works. The one in my secondary store which 
I'm at every day, is set up a little differently, and doesn't have as many 
items on it. If you wish I would talk on the phone or through Skype as long 
as you want, and you feel free to ask any questions that you wish. I have 
had my coffee company since 2003.
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