[CnD] Question: what can the blind do in a restaurant?

Curtis Delzer curtis at calweb.com
Tue Dec 8 03:51:57 EST 2015

anything you, and the employers insurance are comfortable with. I 
worked with Orange Julius for 3 weeks once, making the Juliuses, 
until their insurance figured I'd get hurt by "something," like, 
would you believe, an electric mixer? GAD!
was in the late sixties so I couldn't kick much about it, but 
everyone enjoyed my Juliuses. :)

At 02:10 AM 12/4/2015, you wrote:
>As a programmer, I started programming before I even knew my 
>limitations. I didn't know what the blind can and cannot do when it 
>comes to programming, and I frankly didn't care: programming was fun 
>and I did it, and that was all that mattered.
>However, when it comes to food-related stuff, for most stuff, you 
>need to get training, and you need to know what you can do better 
>than others, and what you're not so good at, and what you definitely 
>cannot do, so that you can do what is called "targeted learning", 
>where you slim down what you're going to learn to what you will 
>absolutely need, and go for them.
>My spouse who is completely blind likes to one day own a restaurant. 
>Even if she doesn't achieve this goal, she enjoys reading about 
>food, learning how to cook, and so on. I've read that there are 
>blind restaurant owners and chefs and so on, and this email is for 
>those people.
>Since you guys are much more experienced at this than I am, can you 
>help her decide what to learn? What positions in a restaurant are 
>blind-friendly, to coin a term?
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