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A pressure cooker is a specially designed pot that cooks food under high pressure, thus cooking it faster and rendering some less expensive cuts of meat, for instance, more tender. The pressure comes from steam that is built up inside the pot. The lid has a valve for controlling the steam and making sure the pot doesn't explode all over your kitchen.

I got a pressure cooker for Christmas a couple of years ago and I like it. Modern ones are very safe and easy to use. I would suggest that if you are a patron of the National Library Service, you go look up a book called Pressure Perfect, which gives recipes and describes how this appliance works and how to use it. If you use Bookshare, they have several pressure cooker books. Pot roast, for example, can be cooked in considerably under an hour.


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Ok, I'm not that loaded, so I just have an oven and a slow cooker, a friend of mine asked me about getting a pressure cooker, and I was like lol, what is that? Thoughts on a pressure cooker? 

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