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Hi, I have what is a pretty good way. I have these rubber rings that are diferent thicknesses. There are two rings for each thickness. You place the rings at both ends of your rolling pin. And I'm sorry that I do not know what these are called. Places that have quite a bit of kitchen gadgets would be where I would look first.

Gary Patterson

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I'm interested in anything anyone has to say about rolling cookie dough. 
How do you get the proper thickness? I know not to handle the dough any more than necessary. My main thing is the thickness. I've always done drop cookies but wanted to do some things different this year and think I want to try cutting out cookies this year. I've done it before but never by myself, so I've used cookie cutters and know how to do them but I'm not sure what the best way is to make sure they're not too thick or thin. Thanks.

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