[CnD] Question: how do you mix multiple things in a glass?

Jael jaelhasbooks at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 01:42:34 EST 2015

For me this would depend.

If it's just for me, I measure using a clean finger. I pour liquid
number one into the mug or cup and then I pour the second. I
immediately get a spoon and mix.

If it's for someone else, I keep plastic cups around. Plastic because
I can feel the level of the liquid rising in the cup if the liquid is
kept really cold or warm/hot. I pour liquid number one in first, then
pour it into the mug or cup, and then I do the same for liquid number
2. It's a bit more work but I'm okay with this because I'm comfortable
with my system. If my company is drinking out of a glass instead of a
mug and the liquid is cold enough, I just pour right into the glass
because I can feel the liquid rising through the glass.

Hope that helps.

On 12/27/15, Parham Doustdar via Cookinginthedark
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> Hi,
> I asked a few weeks back about pouring liquid into containers, and
> people responded with wonderful methods. I have gotten a liquid
> indicator, which works really well!
> However, my question now is how people here mix things in a glass. It
> has probably happened a lot that you have wanted to have a mix of two
> liquids in a glass, but you needed them to be equal, or needed one to be
> more than the other. How do you do this?
> Thanks all in advance for your great answers!
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