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I saw it on tv and thought it was neat!
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Hi All and happy new year.

My daughter-in-law received the Ninja Coffee Bar as a Christmas gift. I
wasn’t real excited about that because I figured I would never be able to
make coffee for her. However, not so!

This item is costly, but if you can get one, let me assure you that it is

Let’s start with the water holder. It twists and lifts out to be filled. No
more spilling water trying to pore in the top of the coffee maker.

It has a permanent filter illiminating the cost of paper filters. Of course,
if you want to, you can use a paper filter. It takes the cone shaped
filters. The basket slides forward to be loaded, or you can take it out.

The carafe slopes up the sides from the bottom making the mouth of the
pitcher small. The lid twists in place to keep it from falling out. In my
opinion, the shape of the carafe makes it much easier to pore without making
a mess. There is a warming plate under the carafe. There is also a base that
swings into place for your mug to keep it off the warming plate.  Oh, I
forgot, there is a little lever that slides back and forth to stop the flow
of coffee so you can sneak a cup.

Now for setting the coffee maker. Right below the water reservoir, is a
display section. The buttons on this set the time and delay start functions.
This is the only thing I can’t do. Next is a dial. It has very definite
clicks between the settings. You turn it to set the size of your coffee,
from left to right, mug, travel cup, half pot, and full pot. Under this dial
you will find four button bars that go across the mechanism. I thought these
were just décor until someone explained them. Pushing the top one gives you
a classic brew. If I remember correctly, the others are rich brew, ice
coffee, and specialty coffee. When you push these, you feel a click.

To make a pot of coffee, place the amount of coffee in the basket and close
it tight. Put water in the reservoir and secure. Place your carafe on the
burner. Next, turn the dial all the way to the right. Press the classic brew
button and wait. When the pot is finished, it sounds a nice alarm to let you

I hope you found this helpful. I know most of us probably can’t afford to
purchase one for ourselves, but maybe you can ask for it as a gift.

Happy sipping. Linda

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