[CnD] need recipe for crock pot party mix

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Yes. See below.
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      Title: Crock Pot Chex Mix
 Categories: Slo cook, Snack, Party
   Servings: 10
      2 c    O shaped oat cereal
      3 c    bite size rice cereal
      2 c    bite size shredded wheat
      1 c    nuts
      1 c    thin pretzal sticks
    1/2 c    butter melted
      4 tb   worcestershire sauce
      1da   tobasco
    1/2 ts   seasoned salt
    1/2 ts    garlic salt
    1/2 ts   onion salt.

Combine all cereals and nuts and pretzals in crock pot.  Mix melted butter
and seasonings, worcestershire and tobasco.  Pour over mixture in crock pot.
and toss lightly to coat.  Do not cover!  Cook on high for 2 hours, stirring
well every 30 minutes. Turn to low and cook for 2 to 6 hours.  Makes 10 cups.

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> Could someone please post a recipe for party mix made in the crock pot?
> Thanks in advance, and happy new year to everyone on the list.  Mike
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