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I have the most basic George Foreman grill, since it's just me.  It has no 
buttons, not even a touch pad.  You give it a good ten minutes to heat up, 
and, if a conventional recipes says to grill something on each side for ten 
minutes, you do it in the George for half that time, since you're doing both 
sides at once.  Even though it's nonstick and supposedly you're not to oil 
it, depending on what I'm making I'll put a little garlic grapeseed oil on 
or something, for more flavor.  To help with cleaning, after I take my food 
out, I wet a paper towel, put onto the grill, and close the lid, so that the 
water heats up to help remove what's between the grill slats when you really 
go to clean it.

What I had from Cooks Essentials from QVC was really nice, what they made in 
cooperation with George foreman, that had buttons to turn on, and timer 
buttons that beeped with each press, plus grill would beep when it was ready 
to use.  The plug went bad on it though after several years, which is why 
don't have it any more.

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Hi everyone..happy new year.
I've a questio for you all.
my Brother's gonna turn me in to a novice cheff.....(shutters)...I'm 
I'm wondering....is the George foreman grilll accessible to use?
How do you folks go about labeling it...or whatever?
Hope to make..a decent steak one day....or something....randy.

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